Retirement Festivities, Part 3

Dear Jasper and Kestrel,

Illustrated Jack and Jill

Yesterday was a wonderful, long, happy day! At school, we had a wonderful discussion about what cities do to remove their trash. We did art and writing, with more students finishing their cardboard constructions and their stories. While the kids were working on their projects, I continued packing. All our shelves are now empty and dusted, ready for the kindergarten classes to come in.

All packed up!

It was also Crazy Hair Day! Kids came with dyed hair, hair piled up on top of their heads, and even a few sculptures…like on young lady who used a soda bottle! Friday afternoon was Fun Friday, so all three classes (except for a few kids who were in trouble) got to play kickball, have races on the track, or climb on the Panther Palace.

That’s some Crazy Hair!

After school was my third retirement celebration! The lady from Portobello’s brought quiches and salads, Auntie Olga helped set up the beer and wine, and Jamie Gaynor brought four dozen of her wonderful cupcakes!

Dear Pat van Noy and Mr. Burgess
Me, Leslie Carter, and Anne Crawford

Friends that I have known for thirty years, like Rochelle Breschini and Stefanie Burgess came and got to meet new friends like Emma Mandella, Heather Gattis, and Shawn Quiane. Mrs. Breschini was Auntie Katie’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Burgess was her first grade teacher! We go way back.

Mrs. Burgess and Mrs. Breschini

Our friends Mimi and George Niesen came, as well. It was quite an afternoon. When Uncle David and Liza woke up from their naps, they joined the party. Everyone ate and drank as much as they could, but there was still quite a lot left over. We sent some quiches and salads, and even some cupcakes, home with folks. Yummy party leftovers!

Liza, me, and Emma Mandella

By the end of the evening, I was done in. I was so full of friendship and love (and good food and wine) that I dropped right off to sleep.

Love, Grandma Judy




Some Endings

Dear Jasper and Kestrel,

Today was the last day of my class’s Reader’s Theater Performances. It was also the first day I got to watch one, if only for a few minutes. Usually the groups leave the pod, the building where my class is, and go clear across campus to other classrooms, but today a group did their play, “A Visit from Cesar Chavez” in Emma Mandella’s room, just a few steps from mine. So I snuck over to watch.

“A Visit from Cesar Chavez”

I was pleased to see how attentive the third grade audience was. They leaned in to hear the soft voices of some of my students, but relaxed when Brandon spoke. He has a fine, clear voice and isn’t afraid of being in front of people. I was proud of how well he has grown in order to take part in the play.

The whole Reader’s Theater library is part of the fourth grade “Benchmark” series, an English language development program. I didn’t use much of the series, but the plays and some of the reading books were useful. I hope the fourth grade next year takes advantage of this resource.

The Curriculum that helped

After school it was time for some of the end of year paperwork. Cumulative folders, report cards, writing samples, and special grades for children still learning English all take time to prepare. Since I need to be DONE on the last day, I have started early so there are no surprises.

Once I got home I waited for dear Jane Parrish to bring her enormous contribution to my retirement party…the beer and wine! Thanks Janie! A good time will be had by all, I’m sure.

Important supplies!

Tomorrow is the fifth to the last day of school for me….ever! Still wrapping my brain around that.


Grandma Judy