Learning Something New

Dear Liza,

This week is the last week of school for you and your cousins, and end-of-the-year parties are in person and fun. For me, that means making cake.

I wish I could be in Salinas to make one for you. That’s not possible for now, but I got to learn something new anyway. Kestrel asked for a chocolate cake topped with strawberries. She also loves mushrooms (not real mushrooms on the cake, however).

Auntie Bridgett suggested I create a large mushroom out of sliced strawberries. That was half of a great idea, but I knew that sliced strawberries would bleed red juice all over the cake and make a mess. Grandpa Nelson suggested coating the slices with sugar, which was, again, half of a good idea.

Not sugar, but…. what? Ask the Internet! The solution is melted chocolate. Just put a layer of chocolate chips on a plate in the microwave for about 40 seconds, some careful knife-work, a few minutes in the fridge, and you have juice-proof slices.

Some frosting and piping tubes made the stem and frills, then I laid the chocolate-sealed strawberry slices like shingles until I had mushroom type shape. Some chopped chocolate chips made the forest floor. It maybe could be a tree, and that’s okay, too.

At Kestrel’s Promotion Picnic, the cake was revealed, appreciated, and eaten all up.

Nice work if you can get it, as they say.


Grandma Judy