Party Food

Dear Liza,

For our Halloween party, we wanted some sweets, of course. Sugar cookies, using Auntie Bridgett’s mom’s recipe, are easy to make and good to frost. I have learned how to make and use royal icing, and Grandpa Nelson gave me a nice set of decorating supplies. Auntie Bridgett’s steady hands are helpful, too.

We created tombstones and vampire dentures using a walnut shortbread. It’s not too sweet, and the cookies have a nice ’stony’ look.

But we needed food that wasn’t sweet, as well. Our eyeballs were made from stacked slices of sausage, cheese, and olives. You eat them by stabbing them with a toothpick! Very satisfying.

I also tried ”finger sandwiches” that were supposed to look like… fingers. They were filled with cream cheese, dill weed, and cucumber slices. The only problem is, to make them structurally sound, they need to be very fat fingers! Anyway, they were fun and tasty.

There were also regular deviled eggs, which weren’t very photogenic, but were delicious.

All this food, along with friends, wine, and lots if conversation, made for a good evening.


Grandma Judy