Home Haircuts

Dear Liza,

With the corona virus still out and about, we are still staying home a lot. We are avoiding being inside buildings with other folks. We are not anti-social, but we want to stay well.

Shaggy me!
Cleaning up the parts he can’t see….

Grandpa Nelson, Auntie Bridgett and I all had haircuts in salons four months ago, and we are all getting pretty shaggy. But we felt nervous about going back to Yen’s Salon. She and her sister, Twee, are wonderful barbers…. but they are inside a small room.

Trimming that handsome face

The solution? Grandpa Nelson went online and bought a set of clippers! It was only a slight snag that the instruction were in two languages, Japanese and French, because between our French and their good illustrations, we figured out how to use them.

Too long in the back!

By “we”, I mean Grandpa and Bridgett. Grandpa practiced on his own beard and sideburns, and got pretty good. Auntie Bridgett watched some youtube videos and felt brave enough to tackle our heads! I was a very willing Guinea pig.

Spiffy me!

It took a while, and we listened to “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” to pass the time. And in the end, I think we both look pretty fabulous! Auntie Bridgett’s skill and attention to detail made her first haircuts ever a rousing success.

Of course, I would like to return the favor…. but neither of us is brave enough!


Grandma Judy

New, Old, and Changing

Dear Liza,

Giant Dahlias

Here in Portland, Summer isn’t willing to give up just yet. The roses and dahlias are blooming in what looks like a joyous shout before tucking in for the colder months. Portland is known as The Rose City (since 1888, anyway) but all flowers do well here.

We are having days that start damp and grey with wet sidewalks, burst into sunshine for lunch dates, then get cloudy again by dinner. It is dramatic and beautiful.

Coy Dahlias

Our painters are almost done with the outside of the building, so today I get to put all Momma’s geraniums back on the patio. The poor plants have been holding their collective breath for two weeks, in a foyer with not enough sunlight or fresh air.

Geraniums in exile

The Green Rain trees in the neighborhood are putting on their big show: seeds pods! They start as small swellings on the bud, and are now these bunches of pods that rattle like maracas when you shake them…which I do, every time I go by! Hey, it’s a toy, I’m a just big kid…what do you expect?

Green Rain Tree

Today I will walk up to Yen’s and have her cut my hair. I am feeling too shaggy and need to spruce up a bit. Also, I want to show her this photo of the ginger cutting she gave us when we were last in, about 7 weeks ago. Bridgett put the cutting in water and, after a rocky start, sprouted roots like crazy! I am sure she will be happy to see her baby doing well.

Yen’s Ginger sprouting!

Off to make the day happen!


Grandma Judy