Liza’s in Town! Part 3 (Gallery and Cousin David)

Dear Kyle,

Liza with Alicia Justice’s dolls

On Thursday, Liza went with Bridgett and me to The SideStreetArts Gallery,where Bridgett is having a show of her work. She found a lot to like!

Alicia Justice’s handmade dolls include two Russian ladies that Liza recognized immediately by their traditional dresses. She also loved Gary Hirsch’s giant, cheerful mural on the walls outside.

Chatting with a little guy by Gary Hirsch

On the way home we walked through Laurelhurst Park, and while we people-watched, she enjoyed climbing on the metal statue called “Triad”. It is very sturdy and a favorite of kids in the park.

Enjoying the smooth steel of “Triad”

The rest of the day was pretty lazy until we fetched Jasper and Kestrel from camp. Kestrel went into full on crafts mode, making a pompom that was so big Nelson called it King Pom, and creating a black velvet ghost on a stick.

One thing David loves to do is put Liza onto his shoulders, and they’ve been doing it so long it is just one smooth movement. He showed Katie how to do it with Jasper, and Liza heard the ruckus and came up to get lifted, too.

Jasper up! (Notice Liza’s hand on the stair rail behind)

What a family!

Nice work, Jasper!
My turn?
Kestrel with velvet witch, Liza up.



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