Liza’s in Town! Part 4 (Books with Pictures and Palomar)

Dear Kyle,

We had a lazy morning. Liza made a catnip toy for Mouse and they had fun with it.

Liza and Mouse (and borrowed pajamas)

Last Friday was our last day with Liza and David before they flew back to Salinas.We had a nice long walk through the neighborhood and a bus trip to Katie’s Bookshop, Books with Pictures. It was a hot day!

Liza is a very, very, pink girl

David was amazed at how bright and organized it was, because the last time he saw it, it was still under construction.

Finding familiar faces

Liza found a comic book about Minecraft and enjoyed reading it. She is still a beginning reader, but comics are a great way to make words less scary.

Settling in

When we got hungry we walked to Palomar, a wonderful, modern Cuban restaurant down the street. The huge windows were open so we had a view of Division Street, with its people, bikes, trucks and even a giant freight train, passing by.

Cuba Libre and Division Street

The food and drinks were yummy and spicy, cold, and refreshing.

Back at BwP, as the bookshop is sometimes written, Liza bought her new Minecraft book and then played with action figures while David and Katie talked about projects upstairs.

David and Katie watch as Staff person and artist Nick Orr helps Liza buy her new book

Back home to pack up, a dinner out on the way to the airport, and off they went! I am one exhausted but happy Grandma Judy, that is for sure.



Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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