Adventure to Sushi

Poke bowl at Wasabi Sushi

Dear Liza,

It is still very hot here in Portland, so when we go for walks we take Auntie Bridgett’s Snoopy water bottle filled with ice water. Yesterday, it came in handy.

Saying g’bye…

Auntie Bridgett wanted to walk up to Columbia Art and Drafting, a wonderful art supply store on East Burnside. I wanted to have sushi for lunch. We found a way to combine these goals and found some extra goodies on the way!

Echos of SoCal

As we left, Grandpa Nelson and Mouse came out onto the balcony to say goodbye. We ran into Nina and her corgi, Kody, who is sweet with people but very barky with other dogs.

Baby Monkey Puzzle

Just across from Columbia we stopped in to visit Little Baja, a garden decor yard that reminds me of my childhood in Southern California. There are chimineas, birdbaths, enormous pots, and statues made to look like Aztec treasures. There is even a young Monkey Puzzle tree in one of the pots.

The art store was not my main goal, but it was air conditioned and pleasant. I watched videos promoting Posca markers while Auntie Bridgett shopped for new sketchbooks.

New favorite place!

Once we left Columbia, the adventure got magical. Across the street we found Bees and Beans, a tiny shop that creates handmade, high end, organic, honey-based chocolates. Mmmmmmmm. Andrea Marks, the owner and queen bee, was wrapping some of her wares.

Andrea Marks, working her magic

We chatted and got free samples of Bert Bars (which are sort of like a Whachmacallit Bar) and some honey based caramel. They are so delicious! The smell of the shop, and Andres’s joyful, busy personality left us refreshed for the rest of our walk. It is amazing how an unexpected meeting can do so much.

Wall art at Wasabi Sushi

We got a bit lost as I navigated us to Wasabi Sushi, on 10th and Madison, but we were not disappointed. My Caterpillar roll and Bridgett’s poke bowl were fresh and delicious, just spicy enough to have a zing, and very filling.

Neighborhood mural
Artsy house..look up!!

This is what I would call a working man’s sushi bar… construction dudes from across the way, businessmen discussing contracts, and folks from a convention down the block came by to order lunch and enjoy it under the umbrellas outside. We stayed inside, in the cool.

When we felt ready, we set off for the long walk home. We were serious about staying cool, sometimes zigzagging up the street to find the deepest shade and appreciating folks who were out watering their yards.

We got home thirsty, having finished the Snoopy water bottle blocks before, and drank glasses and glasses of water. We had walked a total of four and a quarter miles, and we were justifiably pooped! Needless to say, the rest of the day was quiet.


Grandma Judy

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I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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