Art: Closer to Home

Dear Liza,

Auntie Bridgett with “Three Bridges”

Now that you are back in Salinas, I will tell you about Auntie Bridgett Spicer’s art show. It has been up in the SideStreetArts Gallery for a week, but on Sunday she gave a talk about her work to a small but very interested group of folks.

Attentive audience

The show is called “Closer to Home”, and is a paired exhibit with ceramicist and friend Nicole Curcio. It shows their transition from being visitors to Portland to living here and making it feel like home.

Because Portland has lots of bridges, her paintings do, too. The style of her paintings is called Abstract Expressionism, because they aren’t supposed to look exactly like the thing they show. But you can usually tell which bridge she’s showing.

Serious Bridgett discussing “Hello, Dead People!”

It was so much fun seeing her talk about her art! She gets silly, expressive, and serious, all in turns.

Silly Bridgett

After her talk, we chatted with folks and nibbled on snacks. I had made a bunch of pinwheel cookies and everyone enjoyed them!

Yummy snacks

Michael Pratt, a local artist who owns the building that houses SideStreetArts, came by a bought two pieces!! He got Auntie Bridgett’s “Ugly Recliner and 29th & Pine” and Nicole Curcio’s “Urban Growth Boundary III”.


Hooray for sales!



Grandma Judy

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