Artsy Cookies

Dear Liza,

Shine Moth, by Christopher St. John

It was First Friday this past week, and there is a new show at the SideStreet Arts Gallery. I got to make a different kind of cookie for it.

Painted Fossil Cookies!

Between having more time and patience, more confidence from watching the Great British Baking Show, and better equipment, I have been getting more creative in my baking. A few months ago I made some sugar cookies that echoed the colors and shapes in the art being shown at the SideStreet Arts Gallery.

This month, for Eugene Artist Christopher St. John, I did something fun, too. Mr. St. John’s ceramics and watercolors reflect an awareness that we humans need to consider our actions carefully so we conserve our natural world and its treasures.

The recipe

Looking at works like “Shine Moth” inspired me to make cookies that could show the delicacy of insects. On Martha Stewart’s website, I found a recipe for “Fossil Cookies” and, with Auntie Bridgett’s artistic help, gave them an artsy spin.

Easy fixings

The dough is very easy to make and handle, and the toy bugs we picked up at Kids at Heart Toys on Hawthorne made lovely fossil-looking dents. The cookies are then frozen and baked at a low temperature so they bake into a shortbread-like, delicious cookie. With a fossil. A pretty, food color painted fossil.

Fossil Cookies

They are also delicious just patted out and cut with cookie cutters.


Grandma Judy

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