First Friday, February 2020

Dear Liza,

Shine Rabbit by Christopher St. John

I got to go to SideStreet Arts Gallery on Friday to meet Christopher St. Johns and see his work. It was raining and very chilly, but I knew there would be fossil shortbread cookies and other snacks, as well as the company of artists. So I headed out.

There wasn’t a big crowd at the gallery, maybe because of the weather, or maybe because being from Eugene, Mr. St. Johns isn’t well known here in Portland. But I think his art will be appreciated here.

Christopher St. John and his work

I particularly enjoyed his ceramics, mostly shallow bowls and figurines that feature what he calls “Shine” animals, adorable rabbits and delicately colored insects. These show his commitment to seeing nature as a vulnerable part of our world, and in need of our protection.

Shine critter bowls

I chatted with the other members of the gallery and enjoyed their work, including Alicia Justice and Michelle Sabatier.

Michelle Sabatier, her new encaustics, and Alicia Justice

This week also marks the second anniversary of the newly organized SideStreetArts Gallery. Auntie Bridgett made this nifty poster to show the members and some of the shows that were highlights of this past year.

Second Anniversary poster

The biggest one, of course, was the wonderful mural Gary Hirsch painted on the outside wall. I am very proud of Auntie Bridgett’s role in making this happen.


Gary Hirsch working on his mural

Grandma Judy

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