You Can’t Not Leikam

Dear Liza,

This past weekend we had a short break from our wet weather…. a very short break, like thirty minutes. It literally stormed all day Saturday and all night as well, so when we saw a sliver of blue sky, we headed out.

There was a craft fair way up on Burnside and 58th, at the Leikam Kosher Brewery, so we went. You pronounce it “Like ’em” as in their advertising slogan, “You can’t not like ’em!”

Inside the brewery it was bright and cheery, and Grandpa Nelson ordered a delicious cider.

Outside were some booths where well-bundled up folks sold goodies they had made. A lady named Sam sold fudge (named after her dog, Mudge) and the Fuzzy Chef Pottery folks had made funny ceramic pots adorned with banana slugs.

Inside were Cass Rose and Leah selling very cool embroidery and knitted goods, but the light was weird and my pictures didn’t come out. It started raining again, a cold, sideways sort of rain that made getting home seem like a good idea.

Dashing with my head down, I noticed this great embossed sidewalk just in front of the Element Lounge, just across Burnside from Leikam, and stopped to click a picture.

It was a short outing, but being cold and drafty makes me appreciate the fireplace and a cat on my lap even more!

Stay warm, sweetie.


Grandma Judy

Earl Grey Skies

Dear Liza,

Our Fall weather is turning grey and cool, which means I’m drinking more tea. “Earl Grey, Hot”, as Captain Jean Luc Picard would say. It helps keep my spirits up.

Outside, the grey is varied and spectacular. Our local church looks absolutely blessed as the sun peeks through.

The sight of a cloud-shrouded Sunshine Milk Carton looming over the store always makes me smile. It has been standing up there for decades, and seen much worse weather than this!

And mere clouds can’t make the St. John’s bridge look any less delightful.

Stay sunny, even when the skies won’t!


Grandma Judy