67 and Having Fun

Dear Liza,

Yesterday was my birthday, and my lovely people turned it into a two day celebration. Saturday was predicted to be the warmest, sunniest day of the year so far, so we went out and about. We drove about 20 minutes east to McMenamin’s Edgefield resort to enjoy their St. Patrick’s Day celebration.
It was so warm, I didn’t even wear a coat!!

Like most of the McMenamin’s properties, Edgefield has a history. Back in the early part of the last century, it was the Multnomah County Poor Farm, where folks with no resources would go to have food and a roof over their heads. After it closed, it was empty and vandalized for many years, until the McMenamin brothers found it and brought it back to life.

I love all the McMenamin’s places, but Edgefield is the largest and most creative. We started in the Black Rabbit Room, with murals, smiles and good food. In keeping with my healthier diet, I had a tofu tikka masala instead of a hamburger. I did enjoy a fine birthday stout, however. I’m only human.

Wandering around in the early spring sunshine, we enjoyed people watching and the art-y , country-ish nature of the place.

There was traditional Irish music on the lawns and corn-hole players. Barns, bars, and happy people were everywhere.

Outside the Distillery, we watched well-equipped golfers practice tipsy putting and joyful little girls following a St. Patrick’s Day pony.

And of course, Harold came along. We have really missed having our stuffed friend on our adventures. He always makes things more fun.

I think I’m going to like being 67. I have lots of adventures planned!


Grandma Judy

Harold the Traveling Stufftie, Part 2

Dear Liza,

Harold on Air France

I have told you how Harold came to be with us and his travels in America. Did you know he has been to different countries, as well?

When we took our trips to England, France, Ireland and The Netherlands, Harold came along. I made him a backpack to hold his passport and sketchbook. I even wrote a poem about his getting ready for our winter in Europe!


Ode to travel preparations

Twas the week before travelin’ and Harold’s been busy
Packing and checking and getting all dizzy.
His backpack is filled up, his papers in order
(In case he gets stopped as we pass through a border)

All that’s left is waiting for the day that we leave
As he reads up on places to go, (by Rick Steves)
Paris for Christmas, with church bells and lamplight
Amsterdam for New Years, fireworks at midnight

His lovely beret keeps his head nice and warm
His scarf compliments his soft chubby form
So follow along and we’ll see where he goes
Harold and his people, through rain clouds and snows.

Harold in France


The wonderful thing about traveling with a stuffed animal is that they make friends everywhere. Old people wave from across the train. Children have their stuffties wave, too, and even if we don’t speak the same language, we have shared a smile.

Harold visiting a castle in Ireland

Harold has visited noblemen in Ireland, learned about our favorite Irish writer, Oscar Wilde, and tried to visit a castle (they didn’t answer the door).


Harold has so many adventures, they may even need their own storybook sometime. But for now, he is enjoying having lots of snuggles with Cousin Maddie.


Grandma Judy