Bridgett Spicer’s Art

Dear Liza,

You know Auntie Bridgett is an artist, right? Well, this week she sold three of her lovely paintings!!

Abstract Paris II by Bridgett Spicer

Bridgett shows her paintings, collages, buttons, magnets and zines at SideStreet Arts gallery at SE 28th and Ash Street here in Portland. She is one of nine members of the gallery and also handles the graphic design for their show postcards, their news releases, and advertisements. It is a big job!

Abstract Paris 1, by Bridgett Spicer

This last Sunday was a good day for art selling. The lady who had bought Bridgett’s wonderful collage of Max Jacob last year came by, and they got to chat. It is always nice to know where your art has gone.

Then a couple came in and, attracted by “(I wish I were) A Paris”, they went to the corner where Bridgett’s paintings were. They fell in love with, and bought, three of her wonderful blue “Paris Rooftops”!

Paris Rooftops, by Bridgett Spicer

I love these paintings, which were inspired by our vacations to Paris, and I am so pleased that people love and appreciate Auntie Bridgett’s art. It makes her happy to create it, and then it goes out and spreads happiness in the world.

That’s a win-win, as they say.


Grandma Judy

European Dreaming’

Dear Liza,

I still have my cold, which means I am napping about five hours a day. But in between cups of tea, chicken soup and the naps, I am thinking about our next trip to Europe.

Christmas decorations in Paris

The last time we were in Europe was the winter of 2014 -2015. We spent a cold, bright Christmas in Paris and took the train north through Ghent and into Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve. We visited the Christmas market in Cologne and wandered sparkly streets in Strasbourg.

Auntie Bridgett made us a lovely Christmas in our apartment

That cold winter trip had been an experiment. Grandpa Nelson’s company was planning on sending him to Europe long term, and we had to know: Would we be happy in that sort of cold? Turns out, we would, but the company changed its mind and we came to Portland instead.

Since then, I retired, Grandpa Nelson got sick and is better, and we are settled here. It’s time to venture back.

This will be a fall trip, warmer and brighter than winter, but not as crowded as summer. We are blocking out our route. We are thinking of landing in Dublin (where Grandpa Nelson and Auntie Bridgett scoped out the good pubs a few years ago). We could rent a car and drive on the wrong side of the road to see ancient burial monuments and 16th century castles, eating lots of seafood pie on the way to the very southeast corner of Ireland to catch a ferry.

The ferry, which looks more like a cruise ship, would be our hotel and transport overnight to Cherbourg, France. From there we would visit Bayeux, home of the magnificent Tapestry I studied (and partially copied) in Junior High School.

From the Bayeux Tapestry website (historic cartoon embroidery!)

Afterwards, we would take the train to Paris to complete our trip and celebrate Auntie Bridgett’s birthday in her favorite city.

Happy travelers, caught in a Parisian summer shower.

But for now, I am drinking tea and spending a lot of time in the couch, looking at maps. I love illustrated daydreams!


Grandma Judy