Scenes from the Chilly Sunshine

Dear Liza,

Last week we had weird weather, for Portland. It was near freezing most every night and rarely above 40 during the day, but it was blindingly bright. There was, literally, not a cloud in the sky.

Knowing it couldn’t last, we went for walks everyday, soaking up the vitamin D as well as we could through scarves and fluffy hats.

We saw cats out enjoying the sunshine.

New Tiny Free Libraries appeared, with nice messages as well as books.

Shop windows created fun reflections.

And in our favorite tavern The Belmont Station, wonderful murals celebrate the origins of our local beers.

And that’s only on one walk!!


Grandma Judy

Bright Fall Light

Dear Liza,

This season is mostly a grey one, but every now and the clouds blow away and we have bright, cold, sunshine. That was today.

We did chores during the morning and then headed off through the neighborhood to Zach’s Hot Dog Shack. The noon sun was almost blinding, and made the still-changing leaves magical.

We found some rhododendrons, being a bit early even for them, (or late, it’s hard to know which) popping blooms open just as the rest of the plants have called it quits for the year.

We enjoyed a chilly lunch on Zach’s patio, since the inside was pretty crowded with folks watching football. Grandpa Nelson and I played ping pong, which warmed us up a bit.

The walk home was lit with the warm afternoon light of Fall. This beautiful cat was just so fetching between the orange leaves.

We walked by St. Stephen’s Church, which has been on this corner in a mostly residential area since 1924. It is built of bricks and is very pretty.

It has a large front entrance with doors topped by Mary and Jesus chatting with monks, along with with these delightfully glazed ceramic faces.

And that was our outing for the day. It never really got above 45 degrees, and was just too chilly to be out for long. We came home, read, made art, and cooked.

Just another lovely Tuesday!


Grandma Judy