Out… and then Down

Dear Liza,

Lovely blooms whose names escapes me…

This week I took advantage of a sunny day and went out for a short walk. It’s good to see that even with most folks inside, the rhododendrons and trilliums are open for Spring. The smell of jasmine makes invisible patches of sweetness that catch you by surprise.


There are still quite a few joggers and dog walkers in the park, and it’s not always possible to properly socially distance, so we walk in the neighborhood. Many folks have taken to crossing the street mid-block to avoid too-close contact, and there is usually a smile or friendly wave that goes with this, acknowledging each other but staying safe. People can be pretty darn wonderful.

Someone’s gift to a venerable tree

We are continuing to be careful but I may have caught a touch of the bug. Grandpa Nelson went out for groceries yesterday because I was feeling really tired, and Auntie Bridgett is just getting over a nasty spell of fatigue.

We are good at taking care of each other. Lots of ginger tea, fruits and veggies, and quiet time for naps will pull us through.


Grandma Judy

Happy Birthday to Me

Dear Liza,

In house decorations

I turned 64 last week, just a week or so after the self-quarantine-ing became a big thing. We three walked to Whole Foods, on Burnside, who are limiting the number of people in the store at one time to reduce crowding. We got birthday dinner fixings, and then stopped by Vino for a wonderful French red to keep us company.

My florist…

Auntie Bridgett even got flowers, and we walked home to read, write, do art, practice French, and wait for dinner.

We prettied things up, of course, because, you know, BIRTHDAY! It was fun getting out serving pieces that were gifts from family and friends, and thinking about the folks who weren’t with us.

My grocery delivery guy….

After dinner we walked through Laurelhurst Park, very aware that any day now, Mayor Wheeler and Governor Brown are going to put out the shelter-in-place order. We enjoyed the frisbee dogs, rhododendron blooms, and ducks. We even got a Unipiper ride by! He was playing The Superman Theme Song…very heroic.

The miraculous Unipiper

I’m sure I will find things to write about in the coming weeks, as the city shuts down. My brain has always been my best friend and has lots of interesting things to say.


Grandma Judy

Socially Distanced

Dear Liza,

This man misses you sooooo much!

I am writing to you when I would rather be getting ready for your visit. You and Your Momma Olga and Daddy David were going to come up and spend a whole week here with us.

And now, you are staying in Salinas. This makes me very sad. But I think, in the long run, it was the right decision.


The corona virus is spreading, and people traveling can make it spread faster. Auntie Katie and Auntie Bridgett both work in shops and galleries where things get handled, they can get the virus and pass it along. With you and all the cousins being in school until this past Friday, you can catch it and pass it, too, even without feeling sick.

All the cousins

Doctors have asked us all to stay put for a while to slow the spread of the virus so lots of people won’t need hospital beds all at once. I am willing to do my part, even when it makes me sad, to keep all the people healthy.

Who I am missing…

I promise we will get together as soon as we can. I love you very much, every day.


Grandma Judy